About Us

Sundek of North Central Florida consists of a team of expertly trained applicators of the Sundek system. Sundek is a systems and method that allows the application of different colors, patterns and textures to various concrete floors and outdoor slabs. The method has been perfected over four decades.

The Sundek system allows us at Sundek of North Central Florida to take into consideration every type of flooring situation and provide a solution for its repair, and decoration.

We create captivating, natural looking floors and patios that enhance your home or business.  These floors will work in both residential and commercial applications and we guarantee great results. We seal the floors so that it is remains durable and cleanable with minimal effort for years to come.

Sundek of North Central Florida does patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, retail store floors, hotels, garage floors, basement floors and more. We’ll make any surface beautiful and strong using the Sundek system, it works on every concrete surface.

Industrial And Commercial Floors Are Also A Specialty

Sundek of North Central Florida can also resurface your warehouse or factory floor with one of three different types of tough coating, from our well-known epoxy-based floors to even-tougher polyaspartic coats, and some applications can be done in as little time as one day.

Outdoor Concrete Was Our Specialty From The Start
When Sundek opened its doors in 1970, they were pioneers in pool patios- They created the textured surface that you see on pool patios around the country today. Sundek of North Central Florida will transform any pool deck or patio from a bland, functional slab into a masterpiece of elegance.