Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete in Florida

Polished Concrete Floor in Florida

When long term performance and low maintenance concrete floors are top priority, you will want to look closely at polished concrete.   Polished concrete is quickly becoming the “go to” systems for no-wax,  durable, easy to clean and maintain floors.  The advantages to polished concrete is that you can achieve a high or low gloss floor finish on an existing concrete slab.  The high performance and durable nature of concrete makes it ideal for high traffic, warehouse, office, manufacturing and retail facilities not to mention a very popular up and coming finish in homes.

Polishing concrete is a multi step process where large walk behind concrete grinding/polishing machines are used to progressively grind the concrete slab with finer and finer grit industrial diamond pads.  The end result is a concrete slab  that has been rendered shiny and smooth.  The shine level can vary from satin to a high gloss mirror finish. All of this polishing is done with no coatings or waxes on the surface.

Polished concrete can also be decorated with the use of stencils, sandblasting, cut patterns, and a variety of coloration options including dyes, and stains.

Polishing a concrete floor requires the right equipment and a great deal of expertise, and you will find both with Sundek of North Central Florida.  Our polishing experts service Ocala – Lady Lake – The Villages – Gainesville and other areas in north central florida.  For larger projects in Florida or surrounding states please contact us directly.