Popular Concrete Outdoor Colors for Lady Lake Homes

When the temperatures start to rise in the summer, Florida homeowners start to take advantage of their outdoor living spaces as much as possible. If you want to maximize the use of your outdoor space in Lady Lake, consider making an upgrade to decorative concrete. Decorative concrete is very attractive and highly durable; plus, outdoor concrete comes in many colors.

Sundek Products for Outdoor Concrete

When it comes to outdoor concrete colors in Lady Lake, you have a wide variety of Sundek products to choose from. The available colors vary depending on the type of decorative concrete product you choose. For example, stamped concrete surfaces can be stained or dyed – you can also add color with an acrylic finish coat. For epoxy or polyaspartic surfaces, the best options for coloring are SunChip acrylic paint chips and metallic pearl pigments, like the SunMetal FX system. These options can also be paired with a colored finish coat.

To ensure maximum durability and aesthetic appeal for your outdoor surfaces, stamped concrete is usually the best choice. Some of the most popular Sundek products for stamped outdoor surfaces include the SunStone, Tuscan, and SunStamp systems. The first two of these options are largely hand-carved, which gives you the ability to customize the pattern according to your preference. We can even make them look like premium materials, including terrazzo, slate, flagstone, and brick. The SunStamp system involves the use of a stamped mat, so the options for customization are not quite so extensive, but the application is very uniform.

Any of these stamped concrete systems can be paired with a Sundek stain or concrete dye to add color. The SunAcid reactive acid stain creates a rich, permanent color that mimics the speckled appearance of natural stone. The SunH20 water-based stain is a combination of water-soluble polymers and liquid pigments available in 26 vivid color options. The SunDye system is a liquid concrete dye that can be used on its own or mixed with a SunAcid stain to create a fast-drying color – it comes in 20 different shades.

When you are ready to upgrade your outdoor surfaces with decorative concrete, be sure to make Sundek your first call. When it comes to concrete outdoor colors in Lady Lake, we have the largest variety as well as the highest customer satisfaction rating in the area. Simply visit our website to view our product catalog or call today for a free consultation.