Using Decorative Concrete Resurfacing to Create a New Look

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing with Tuscan Wood Pattern

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing with Tuscan Wood Pattern

Decorative concrete resurfacing consists of transforming an existing outdoor patio, poolside deck, walkway, interior floor, or driveway using a concrete-based microtopping or overlay. With resurfacing, you have the opportunity to completely change an indoor or outdoor space. For instance, if your Gainesville patio is resurfaced with decorative concrete, you will have a great place to gather with family members and entertain friends. Regardless of what is resurfaced, the overall beauty of your home will be enhanced.

To achieve the desired look, your contractor will first eliminate any imperfections, such as cracks and surface discoloration. With that done, the process of decorative concrete resurfacing at your Gainesville home can begin. Although you may already have some ideas, you can also research various projects online or talk to your contractor for suggestions.

You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. For example, Sundek’s SunDye system is available in 16 colors, ranging from the neutral Tawny to the bold Cardinal Red. Whether you are interested in resurfacing one or more interior floors or changing the appearance of an outdoor space, decorative concrete overlays create a stunning aesthetic.

If the focus is on a large living area in your Gainesville home, and you want something that will make a statement, decorative concrete resurfacing is ideal. Again, the possibilities are endless. To give you an idea of what can be accomplished, consider a gorgeous golden-colored glossy floor with a coordinating border set 4 feet from the baseboards. In the space between the border and the baseboard, your contractor can add a design that makes the overall floor even more gorgeous.

With decorative resurfacing in Gainesville, it is also possible to create a geometric design consisting of complementary colors. Depending on what you want, this design can be the focal point of the floor, or it can cover the entire floor area. It is even possible for a design that resembles a large and expensive rug to be added to the floor using an overlay.

For both indoor and outdoor living spaces in Gainesville, there really is no better way to change the appearance than with decorative resurfacing. When done by a professional, the results will exceed your wildest expectations. Ultimately, the finished project will look gorgeous as well as make the space far more enjoyable.